Garmin Custom Voice - Sexy Sedara


Here’s another custom’s voice which will spice up your drive. A note of caution, you might want to test it out first before having company. It might make your girlfriend or mother in law a little too uncomfortable….. but then again it all good.

Click to download !!
  1. Download the required file
  2. Unpacked it using WinRaR to your designated folder
  3. Connect your Garmin nuvi GPS unit using the USB cable
  4. Click on the “Computer” icon and then open the selected driver to your nuvi (Garmin icon)
  5. Click to open “Garmin Folder”
  6. There will be a list of files, look for the “Voice” Folder
  7. You will see a list of languages consisting of sum and vpm files
  8. Cut and Paste the “English_American_vpm” file and save it to your computer as a backup.
  9. Copy the “Custom” voice from your initial designated folder to your Nuvi Voice Folder
  10. Transfer the “Custom” voice file is already named “English_American__vpm” to you nuvi
  11. Voice Folder via Copy and Paste
  12. You have successfully installed the “Custom” voice.
  13. Unplugged the USB cable and your nuvi will automatically restart
  14. Once powered on, select “Tools”
  15. Select “Settings” then “Language"
  16. Click on Voice and select “American English” once done press “OK”
  17. Mission accomplished. Now sit back and enjoy……


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